Pepsi Max asked us to deliver a unique & engaging activation at Øya music festival in Oslo that, through a brand film, could bring to life their "Genius" global brand positioning in a memorable way. The film would be a key element of a wider global campaign & thereby pushed in international markets, including the UK  - the No.1 Pepsi Max market


  • Our key insight was that Rain often brings down the mood at a festival. At Øya festival this is especially true, with a palpable fear of rain amongst attendees.
  • Our genius idea was to give Øya festival goers the seemingly impossible experience of dancing in the rain without getting wet
  • To achieve this we built an installation that consisted of a series of custom-built water printers dispensing a continuous recyclable stream of rain over a 50m2 stage
  • The printers were equipped with motion sensing technology designed to track people on the stage & their anticipated movements. Once a person was identified, the rain directly above would instantaneously stop whilst continuing to fall around them.
  • As an additional suprise, the water printers also meant that we could write messages in the rain
  • Music was integral to the success of the project so we collaborated with Universal Music & their rising star DJ Sonny Alven to produce the track "Our Youth" for the film (The song has gone on to have over 20 million plays on Spotify & Soundcloud).
  • We produced 3 films of various lengths to tease & tell the "Dancing In The Rain" story, alongside a "making of" film & bitesize content for social channels


  • In Norway, the film was showcased on TV & Cinema
  • Digitally the content was spread via Facebook newsfeed, Youtube pre-rolls & Widespace mobile placements


  • The film has been viewed online over 15 million times globally, with Norway representing more than 1 million of those
  • Over 1000 festival goers interacted with the installation during its days at the festival
  • DITR content attracted than 60 000 social engagements (likes, comments, shares)
  • On Facebook in Norway the teaser film retained the viewers attention for over 90% of its run time