Launch Cinemagraphs


In Summer 2015 Imsdal were to extend their range to include a new, healthy iced tea with the promise of "Ren nytelse. Ingenting annet". The launch of the product was to be supported by a commercial for TV & cinema. We were challenged to create content that would grab the attention & quench the thirst of 20-30 year olds in social channels to drive purchase consideration.


  • We proposed that ISTE be one of the first brands in Norway to embrace the "cinemagraph" creative format
  • Why cinemagraphs? This format looks like a photo, but part of the scene has a small & repeated movement that we knew would draw the viewers attention, increasing dwell time & making them more likely to remember the brand
  • We concepted & produced 3 unique "Ren nytelse. Ingenting annet" cinemagraphs
  • Each creative made the product the focus, in natural settings where our audience would consume the product on-the-go


  • With a limited media budget, Facebook was our one & only channel for promotion
  • To shorten the journey from ad exposure to in-store action ads were targeted solely to mobiles


  • Via Facebook we exposed our cinemagraphs to over 72% of our core target group
  • We engaged 284 000 unique people with the campaign (extended views, clicks, social actions)
  • More than 0,5 million views were generated across the films
  • On average each looped cinemagraph was viewed for more than 13 seconds (!)