Worlds Largest Animated Street Art


Battery were launching a new, bigger variant of their original flavour.

Our brief was to attract maximum awareness & attention to the launch among their core target group: young males 15-25yrs & drinkers of other energy brands


  • The bigger variant would provide consumers with more energy with which to tackle harder challenges
  • We challenged a team of local artists to create the worlds largest animated street art, in the heart of Oslo
  • It took 5 artists more than 9 days & 350 spray cans to create the art on a 20m high wall
  • We documented the creative process, the end result being a shareable animated GIF, a making-of film & a wall that is still on display today


  • Paid: Targeted social ads (Facebook & Twitter), Youtube video ads, BeON video network
  • Owned: Social posting (Facebook & Twitter),
  • Earned: VGTV & streetart blogs editorial coverage


  • Almost 1 million unique people exposed
  • 88% of core target group reached just via social
  • Attracted more than 0,5 million video views
  • Idea was liked or loved by 83% of those surveyed
  • Reinforced perception of brand amongst 86%