Twisted Edition Launch


In October 2015 Battery were launching "Twisted" - a new flavour with pineapple & citrus taste. Our challenge was to drive widespread awareness of the new launch, generate excitement & tempt trial among our core target audience of 15-30 year old males


  • To bring the flavour to life we produced a unique, energetic 15 seconds 3D animation to be our lead creative for the campaign
  • In support we developed a 3D spinning can animation to show off the design


  • Facebook newsfeed
  • Youtube pre-rolls
  • Widespace interactive mobile ads
  • Digital Outdoor across downtown Oslo


  • Our 3D animation reached over 720 000 unique people organically via Facebook (not paid) - one of the largest ever organic reach volumes in Norway
  • The film was viewed on average for over 11 secs (74% of its running time)
  • More than 70% of males age 15-25yrs exposed via Facebook chose to watch past 3 seconds (benchmark 30%)
  • Our interactive spinning can on Widespace attracted an industry leading engagement rate
  • Sales of the can exceeded client expectations, a major factor in driving YoY growth for the brand